I had planned to write about economic development in Mesquite and will again soon.  However, I feel compelled to write this article about Mr. Adam Leverenz and his ten year tirade about the city of Mesquite, our police officers, municipal court employees, city council members, and of course me.  I, as an elected official expect criticism. The same criticism has been directed to the past three mayors, as well as councils.

Mr. Leverenz is not a resident of Mesquite and to the best of my knowledge has an Arizona driver’s license.  He is not, nor has ever been employed here.  So what is Mr. Leverenz doing and why is he showing up at city council meetings year after year?

About ten years ago, the police department began receiving numerous formal complaints about Mr. Leverenz for the following:  Stalking of a Female, Harassment, Obscene, Threatening Phone Calls, Obstruction, Delaying, and Hindering an Investigation, TPO Violations, Trespassing and several lesser complaints.  I have copies of all of these and their dispositions.

Mr. Leverenz is convinced that the office of the mayor, and or city council should right the imaginary wrongs he believes were committed against him and the violation of his constitutional rights.  He believes he had documented evidence of all these wrong doings. I can assure you, our police and courts did nothing wrong in regards to Mr. Leverenz.  He broke the law, not our police and courts.  He was advised, long ago, to seek legal redress of these complaints.  In fact, he complained to the Eighth Judicial District Court as well as the Nevada State Supreme Court.  These courts do not have jurisdiction in his appeals.  In fact, the Statute of Limitations has long since run out. 

Mr. Leverenz has no respect for the office of mayor or city council as  he refers to us by name only.  It’s ok to do that, but you get my point.  Mr. Leverenz refers to me directly as a liar and misquotes me whenever he can.  Again as an elected official, he can do that, as we are fair game for it.  He will probably do this because he can.  I imagine he did this to the other city officials he has attempted to sway.  It didn’t work in the past, and it won’t work now.

Recently I asked Mr. Leverenz to come in a see me so we could talk about his issues.  Even though I cannot and will not do what he wants, I was willing to listen.  He did not reply.

Mr. Leverenz, who seems to see himself as a legal expert, is now an expert on the Open Meeting Law.  He is not.  In the Public Comment of our council meetings, he does his best to get me to engage in back and forth discussion with him.  The Statutes do not forbid it, but I don’t have to for a number of reasons.  If you understand Mr. Leverenz, you would know why I limit him to three minutes with no response from me.

Mr. Leverenz is a very smart person.  However, as a mental health professional, I can see what drives him in the same direction for these past ten years.  I think he also knows.

I have great respect for our police and court system in Mesquite.  It’s a shame Mr. Leverenz does not.