Arizona State Trooper, Steve Hughes; Firefighter Larry Lydon; Beaver Dam Fire Finance Director, Michelle Arnette and Firefighter, Ernesto Renteria attended the Virgin Rivers Communities Meeting on Thursday, March 22 some to meet and greet the community members and others to give a call out for volunteers. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

The Virgin Rivers Community meeting was held on Thursday, March 22 at the Beaver Dam Fire Station. The VRC covers the Arizona communities of Beaver Dam, Littlefield, Scenic and Desert Springs. The intent of the meeting was to honor those who give their spare time services to their community; sadly, the volunteers who were to be honored didn’t show.

That isn’t to say the meeting was not attended. Some of Beaver Dam’s finest first responders, Larry Lydon and Ernesto Renteria,  Beaver Dam Fire Department’s Finance Director, Michelle Arnette and Steve Hughes with the Arizona Highway Patrol were there, as usual, for their community members.

The meeting quickly turned into a community “shout out” to the Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue Workers and the incredible job they have done with many of our elderly community members. Residents who have needed their services on more than one occasion couldn’t say enough good about the fine care provided, the attentiveness to their patients and their quick response time considering the rural circumstances and small crew.

The discussion on the good the fire department does turned into a call for help. The Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue needs community volunteers to help drive ambulances.

Firefighter Lydon quickly explained that there are two EMTs on duty per shift and if one has to drive, it leaves only one EMT to tend to the patient. If that patient needs serious attention it would be enormously beneficial to the patient to have two EMTs attending to them and the volunteer drivers would be an exceptional asset to the department and possibly life saving for the patients.

Volunteers don’t need to have training; the department will provide any necessary training needed. Any and all help is welcome as they have the need to fill many shifts.

If you happen to be in the volunteer mood and the fire department isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’d like to give your time to the community board. The Virgin Rivers Community Board is in need of additional members. Have fun, get involved and help other members plan and execute fundraisers, the Christmas Parade and Bazaar and other activities around the community.