By Linda Faas

Mesquite has suddenly become a whole lot sweeter!  Over the past months a munchie revolution has overtaken downtown Mesquite.   It is now possible to choose from three new purveyors of delectable snacks and drinks within a few blocks of each other, just off Mesquite Boulevard.  Thursday, August 15, I decided to catch up on the sweets, savories and drinks that are taking the town by storm.

My first stop was the new Hole Foods Donut Shop on South Yucca, across from City Hall.  I arrived early, since the word was out about the early depletion of the day’s fresh supply of donuts.  Owner Paige Anderson cheerfully greeted me at the counter, assuring me she still had donuts to sell at 9a.m.  “We sold out when we first opened, but we now have donuts available throughout most mornings.”  The donuts and cinnamon rolls looked irresistible!  Paige explained that she is a life-long resident of Mesquite, and she and her husband Casey are excited to open their new business.

I was too early for their daily baking of chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies that made frontpage news in the MLN August 1 edition.  Baker Pam was just spooning the dough on the pans when I arrived, guaranteeing those cookies would be fresh for the late morning/midafternoon customers.  I was pleased with my purchase of one chocolate and one maple donut, but will be back to try those cookies soon.

Next stop was Mesquite’s glistening new Starbucks store adjacent to Smith’s Food and Drug.  While this is not Starbuck’s first foray into the Mesquite market, it is a bold move for even that corporate behemoth to build a stand-alone building in a smaller city.  Probably banking on the motto, “build it and they will come,” our Starbucks opened its doors this spring and is attracting a crowd of caffeine lovers.  Their opening must have been a relief to local latte addicts who are drawn to the enticing aroma that greets one upon entering the ubiquitous Starbucks establishments.

Manager Kimball Goold is proud of his store.  He says that Starbucks strives to be the third important environment in everybody’s life, following home and school.  Indeed, the sleek store offers spacious seating and wifi for those who are looking for a comforting refuge as early as 5 a.m. and as late as 9 p.m.  For those on the go, Starbucks has a drive-thru window that is popular with travelers who stop in for a quick c coffee and pastry.  I left the store with a cup of House Blend, probably the most “pedestrian” order they filled that day.

From Starbucks, it was time to hit the grand opening of Table of Contents, the new gourmet coffee stall at the Mesquite Library at 160 W. First North St.  There was a crowd of customers waiting for service, ready to redeem the generous coupons offered to all who visited them on grand opening day.  What to choose?  Owner Hugh McPherson showed off the tray of blondies he had available for the big crowd they expected.  McPherson and his co-owner Galan Allen serve a constant stream of patter and one-liners with their expresso latte.  A return customer leaned in to tell them how fabulous their food and drinks are, and another fan said she was expanding her snack budget to allow an extra stop each week.  This place is looking like a winner right out of the gate.

Sadly, Hugh and Galan were already out of apple cobbler, having sold four pans full, and I couldn’t wait long enough for the next pan to finish baking.  I instead, eagerly selected a gigantic warm cookie that was almost too large to fit in its little brown paper bag. Remembering the cup of Starbucks coffee sitting in my car, I made a quick exit, promising to come back another day for a turkey and cheese sandwich served on a fresh croissant and/or one of those warm apple cobblers that seem to fly out the door.

After suffering a long drought of snack and coffee shop choices in downtown Mesquite, we are now truly blessed.  Each of these establishments offers delicious snacks and drinks.  Hole Foods is adding indoor seating, so it will compete well with Table of Contents and Starbucks as a place to relax with a cuppa and a good friend.   Come on down to downtown and let the good times roll, Mesquite!