The decline in the total valuation of building permits issued by the city of Mesquite Building Department in November could have been worse if not for the commercial permit categories.

The city issued 115 permits last month valued at $7.427 million. That compares to November 2018 when 144 permits were issued with a higher valuation of $7.985 million.

One permit for a new commercial building that will house Nevada Residential Construction office and warehouse was valued at $609,600. That compares to two permits valued at $15,228 issued last year in this category.

Five commercial modification permits were issued last month with one set for renovations at the Virgin River Casino worth $614,041. NRC also took a commercial modification permit worth $75,525 for work at its new headquarters. A third permit in this category was issued for work at the Mesquite Airport valued at $86,400.

The number of permits issued for single family residences was down by five from a year ago at 27 permits. The valuation of this year’s permits came in at $5.723 million compared to last year’s valuation at $7.542 million for a decline of $1.819 million.

Pulte Homes of Nevada who constructs all the new homes in Sun City Mesquite took out eight permits in November for new homes. NRC took out six permits for new homes. Catamount Development took out four permits for new single-family homes while LHSC, Inc. took out five permits. K&J Leishman Construction took out two permits while Maves Construction and AMB Construction each took out one permit.

The most expensive single-family home construction permit was valued at $432,744 with the least expensive permit valued at $142,896.

Ten residential modification permits were issued in November compared to nine a year ago.

Seven permits for swimming pools were issued last month equal to the number of permits issued in this category in November 2018.

The number of permits for block walls decreased from 13 last year to five this year.

One grading permit was issued by the city in November. No demolition permits were issued last month.