June 7, 1908: Doctor Woodbury of St George passed through here (Littlefield) with Eugene Barnum of Mesquite, Nevada who had his hand terribly mangled with giant powder. It is reported that every finger on his left hand will need to be amputated. This should be a warning to the young folks to be more careful with explosives. We feel very sorry for the unfortunate boy and his parents.

June 7, 1916: Alfred Frehner and Joseph H Reber returned Saturday from Kingman where they have been jurymen. They were at the beach,visited Los Angeles and other places. They report they had a fine trip and everything looking good in and around Kingman

June 9 1908: James S Hughes the fruit dealer is here the second time after ripe peaches to ship to Salt Lake City. We shipped thirty crates the first time and expect a great many this time. We are trying to establish a fruit market at that place.

June 8, 1912: Harvesting of grain almost over with here and the second crop of lucerne is being cut with a heavy crop. Peaches and plums are ripe with a good crop in fact we will have very good crops this year.

Our boys are at home again after the cattle round up and some of them left for the big time on the Muddy Valley railroad day.

June 8, 1918:  Mrs Robert Reber has returned to Littlefield from Bunkerville where she has been visiting the past week with her parents, Mr and Mrs Herbert Waite.

All the grain is cut and in the stack. The second crop of hay is ready to cut.