mike youngHappy New Year! What will 2015 bring, hopefully a new attitude?  It will certainty bring a chance for the new congress to prove itself. For six years the Republicans have been complaining, as have the American people about what a poor job is being done by congress. Now is the chance for them to show their true colors, to live up to their promises.

We will soon see if the Republicans are good to their word or are just RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only). The Tea Party has pushed many of the newly elected members of congress because of their promises of no new taxes and generally a conservative approach.

Although not supported by the Tea party, almost all Republicans moved to the right during the election campaign as well as many Democrats. Will this rightward shift hold or is it just the usual get elected strategy?  As issues are taken up we shall see who is who.

The critical items are the Keystone pipeline which is hotly opposed by the environmentalist, perhaps sponsored by the oil cartel who want us to be dependent on their oil not our own or Canada’s.  The emigration issues where millions have been let into our country so we can support them. Jobs should still be on the agenda and we do need some creative thinking on this subject. Just pouring money into a black hole doesn’t create jobs.

However, one of the most important issues is Presidential authority. Who is in charge, the President or Congress? It’s interesting to hear people talk about congress doing nothing; does that mean they must pass new laws to be in charge? Or can the President just take over and say “I’m going to do something because they are not passing the laws I want? Most people, including the Founding Fathers, believe that the President’s job is to inforce the laws not make them. The founders careful crafted the constitution to have congress make the laws and if they make no new laws then the President is just to enforce the present laws, including the present immigration laws. Funny how people ask why the government is not enforcing present laws, is it the government or the President?

This is a time that each of our legislators must step up and do the right thing, not for the Republican Party or the Democratic Party but for the people of the United States. They are all sworn in to uphold the Constitution and they need to do that. They need to take back the power and not allow a dictatorship to develop. That may seem like a strong statement but it’s on target.

Think about it, isn’t what the President is doing, becoming a Dictator. Writing new laws, changing those he doesn’t like and disregarding those he doesn’t agree with, that exactly what a dictator does. Is this no longer a Republic? Do we no longer have the rule of law but of one man? It’s hard to believe that any Republican or Democrat would stand for that, yet some do. It looks like some have sold out their country for the party line.

But what can we do, write, email or call all your representatives in congress and demand that they stand up for America not some stupid party. Demand that they follow the Constitution. Congress makes the laws and the President’s job is just to enforce them. Some of you will say “I’m too busy let someone else do the calling”. If the Republic is lost because people will not stand up for it, where will you be then? Think about that. Let us start this new year with a new attitude and stand up for our republic.