Don’t you love it when you walk into a place where everyone seems happy… it’s contagious. Behaviors can influence our emotions, good and bad. If you work around a group of people and someone is always negative, it most likely will work on your attitude, thoughts and feelings…it affects us; we are human beings with lots of feelings. Emotions can change how we perceive things in general, not to mention how others perceive us.

Changing the course of your life can be driven by your emotions and, or situation. Sometimes we are forced to make decisions, causing one to experience conflicting emotions…triggering fearful thoughts. If one shares his or her thoughts with others, the feelings can be transferred unto those surrounding us. Emotions are what drive people to do the things they do, often mimicking those feelings subconsciously. In fact, it’s common for people that share similar emotions and to feel a bond, leading them into friendships. It can happen because of the connection one feels with another.

Recently it was drawn to my attention by someone close to me, that my emotions were affecting theirs…and I don’t doubt it. You see, I am tired of the issues with my own health, and it takes a toll on me and everyone else; my emotions are contagious. On the flip side of that, there was a time in my life where I was always happy…and was told by my peers that I was like a happy lil’ bee, always leaving a bit of pollen everywhere I go; people loved being around me. I was contagious. I’m learning how to control my emotions better, by starting with my reactions. I’m now working harder to be that happy little bee once again.

Everyone in the world wants to be happy, and I know it is a choice. We are affected by those we choose to be with, and while it’s true that people are vulnerable at times throughout the course of their life… it’s important for you to realize ‘how’ your emotions exude towards others. Become aware of how others emotions affect you, even if you don’t think it’s happening. You can check it out at psychology today…here’s the link .

Try and find a place where everyone is courteous, smiling and exudes happiness…it will automatically give you a lift; emotionally contagious. Make it a great day by sharing a smile or two, and watch closely how others respond.

Make it a great Life!