Detective Wendy Medina was selected by MPD Lieutenants to receive the Best of the Badge awards for April 2019. She was appointed a Detective in July of 2018 and since that time has been assigned to investigate sexual assaults and all crimes against children.

Throughout March and April of 2019, Detective Medina was assigned 14 cases on top of her normal caseload. These extra cases were mainly crimes against children which require a lot of time and attention to investigate. Detective Medina’s hard work and dedication were on full display while she worked these cases to help protect the young victims.

Her supervisor, Detective Lieutenant John Woods, said “Detective Medina believes in finding justice for the victims of these horrible crimes, and works hand in hand with the Victim Advocate and prosecution to make sure the victims have a voice. The work ethic she demonstrates is an example to other detectives and officers within the Mesquite Police Department. Because of her dedication, our community is a safer place for our children”.