Movie theaters across America have undergone changes in order to keep their customers coming back; special promotions and $5.00 Tuesdays are an example of that. Comfortable lounge seating and the ability to let customers choose their seats prior to their viewing day makes it worthwhile for some, though the popularity of streaming still ranks high for many. Trending at the box office this past year were the superhero franchises; they dominated the theaters everywhere.

Theater attendance in general has hit a low, creating challenges for the future. Looking at technology, televisions today offer 4K resolution and have a higher dynamic range capability. However, in my opinion it’s just not the same as viewing a movie in the theater. There’s a certain culture shared among movie enthusiasts, while feeling it still offers a certain ‘uniqueness’ of community. Recently I attended an event at the movie theater; it was a film festival (2019 Best Picture Festival) for the Academy Awards. Tickets were $28.00 for the day and included a ‘Cast Your Vote’ sheet announcing all those up for awards. It began in the morning with live action film shorts, followed by Green Book, A Star is Born and the Blackkklansman. The pass also gave a 20% discount on all food and beverages for the day. Some felt it was overpriced, but when you consider what one movie costs, I didn’t think it was bad. The theater was busy that day with serious movie goers. In fact, some told me they attend every year for the event; bringing blankets and snacks from home.

Theaters have been upgrading their snack bars with hot food, such as pizza, wings and other items found on their menus. Other additions being made are full service bars, enticing customers with special drinks named after box office hits and franchise movies. Over Valentines Day the bar offered half price bottles of wine to its customers and apparently it went over well, extending it through the weekend. The bar is a common place where strangers can strike up conversations with one another relating to any of the movies; it’s great to hear different perspectives on films. Which brings me to the ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ reviews…most serious movie goers don’t pay attention to it. One must see the movie of their choice without influence, later forming their own opinions.

The cinematic experience has changed over the years, but the fact remains…there will always be those that love to go out to the movies, while others at home stream theirs. With new technology around the corner every day, the theater will have to continue with upgrades, including the screen and sound experience. But let’s not forget the responsibility of the film industry; they need to create better and more original content to keep viewers interested. As far as the upcoming awards are concerned, my favorite is ‘A Star is Born’ but as always…Good Luck to all those being cast. May your next movie be a positive and enlightening experience.

Make your Week Count.