The ratings for safest city in Nevada for 2019 have been released.  These ratings are based on statistical data from FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics reported throughout 2017. rated Mesquite, a population approaching 20,000, as the 2nd safest city in the state. Boulder City was listed in the number 1 spot and has a population of 15,000.

SafeWise ranked Mesquite as the 3rd safest city behind only Boulder City and Yerington, whose population is about 3,000. The biggest factor in Mesquite’s ranking change was the increase in reported property crimes throughout 2017.

The Mesquite Police Department encourages everyone that if they see something suspicious to report it to the police. Most reported property crimes are solved with help from witnesses in the community. Many more are prevented by neighbors and friends looking out for each other.

Both SafeWise and use the FBI UCR data from 2017, as that is the most recent complete reporting period. Although these studies show a rank decrease for Mesquite, it is important to remember the police department has undergone several staffing changes this year and there are many new programs in place to help combat previous crime trends.

Chief MaQuade Chesley, who was sworn in as chief in February 2019, is committed to Mesquite maintaining its reputation of safe community going forward. He stated “I am looking forward to the future safety of our city. I am convinced that as our officers work closely with the community on crime prevention and detection Mesquite will consistently be named one of the safest cities in Nevada. As a department we are committed to the safety of everyone who lives in and visits Mesquite”.