Total Calls For Service: 45*
911 Transports: 13
Non Transports: 20
Inter-facility Transports: 8
Fire Related Incidents: 4

Fire Log:


❏         E-11, T-11, T-31 — Responded to a large commercial structure on Willis Carrier Canyon for general fire alarm.  Found no fire upon arrival and appeared to be a malfunction.  Referred to owner for repair.

❏         E-11 and the Public Education Team performed Public Education for the residents of the Summerwinds Apartments.

❏         E-11, T-11, R-31 responded to a smoke investigation on East Mesquite Blvd.  Found illegal burning in a backyard of an adjacent neighborhood.  Advised residents of proper methods of disposal of yard waste.


❏         E-11 to Virgin Valley Elementary for general fire alarm.  Found an accidental smoke detector activation by staff.  System reset with all appearing normal.