Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 163 calls this week:


Abandoned vehicle 1

Agency assistance 4

Alarm 9

Animal complaint 1

Animal pick up 2

Assault/battery 1

Attempt to locate 1

Citizen assists 5

Controlled substance problem 2

Deliver message 1

Domestic trouble 1

Domestic violence 1


False information 2

fighting 3

Graffiti 1

Identification check 1

Intoxicated person

Intoxicated person 2

Juvenile problem 3

K9 search 3

Keep the peace 1

Minor gambling 1

Miscellaneous CAD call record 6

Noise disturbance 1

Non-LEO incident 4

Nuisance or minor disturbance 1

Parking problem 3

Person on foot 12

Petit larceny 1

Property damage, non-vandalism 1

Reckless driver 1

Recovered stolen vehicle 2

Search warrant 2

Sex offender verification 3

SRO related activity 3

Stalking 1

Suspicious person 9

Suspicious vehicle 3

Theft 4

Theft from vehicle 1

Threatening 1

TPO/restraining order 4

Traffic accident w/o injury 8

Traffic problem 1

Traffic stop 8

Trespassing 6

Unknown problem 6

Verbal disturbance 2

VIN number inspection 8

Wanted person 5

Welfare check 9


Controlled substance problem: An officer conducted a traffic stop and observed signs of illegal activity. One male driver was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. The female passenger was cited for possession of an open container of alcohol.

Minor gambling: Officers were called at a local casino for a patron who allowed a minor to gamble. The patron was cited and released.

Theft from vehicle: Officer completed an initial report of a theft from vehicle and forwarded the case to the Mesquite Detective bureau.

March 11:

Trespassing: Officers responded to a local casino for a male who has been trespassed and returned to the property. The male was taken into custody for trespassing

Graffiti: Report taken for graffiti behind W. Mesquite Blvd. business’ brick wall.

Theft: Officers responded to a Lakeview Dr. residence on a report of a theft. A report was completed.

False information: Officers responded to a fraud call. Investigation is ongoing.

Theft: An officer received a report of cash missing from a locked lock box on Desert Dr. An investigation is ongoing.

False information: Officer located a person of interest at a local casino and ultimately took her into custody for misdemeanor offenses.

Petit larceny: An adult female was cited for petit larceny and released with a court date.

March 12:

Assault/Battery: Spoke with an adult female who wanted to report an assault that occurred last week at a local club. Will meet at the police department to complete a statement.

Suspicious person: Officers responded to an intoxicated male at Desert Rose Park. The male was cited for violation of city code.

Recovered stolen vehicle: A report was completed for a recovered stolen vehicle from LVMPD. The R/O of the vehicle was contacted by Metro Police, and provided the location of

the vehicle.

March 13:

Controlled Substance Problem: Officers made contact with two adults. Both adults were placed under arrest from drug related charges.

Juvenile problem: Officers responded to a theft call of a daughter stealing money from her parents. There were no charges pressed against the child from the parents.

SRO related activity: Officer answered questions regarding custody rights of a student at a local school.

Domestic violence: Officers responded to a Partridge Ln. residence on a call of a domestic. One female was arrested for obstruction and resisting.

Wanted person: Officers conducted a record check on a vehicle. The registered owner of the vehicle was arrested on a local warrant.

Wanted person: Officers responded to a call of a wanted person. One male was arrested for a Justice Court warrant.

March 14:

Wanted person: Officers located an adult male near a Sandhill Blvd. business who Mesquite Detectives had probable cause to arrest for Sales of Controlled Substance. The male was arrested and transported to the Mesquite Detention Center.

Wanted person: Officers located a female with an active warrant out of another jurisdiction. One adult female was arrested for the warrant.

Fighting: Officers responded to a W. Pioneer Blvd. business in reference to a fight. Two male adults were cited and released for Battery on each other.

Fighting: Officers responded to a Riverside Rd. apartment complex on a report of a fight in progress. One adult male was arrested for domestic battery and an adult female subject was arrested for a local misdemeanor warrant.

March 15:

Fighting: Officers responded to an E. Pioneer Blvd. casino in reference to a fight. One male adult was cited and released for battery.

Property damage, non-vandalism: Officers responded to a W. Mesquite Blvd. casino reference property damage. The case is currently under investigation.

Traffic accident w/o injury: Officers responded to an accident involving two vehicles. One driver was transported to the hospital. One driver was issued a citation for illegal backing.

DUI: Officers conducted a traffic stops and observed signs of impairment. After further investigation, one male was arrested for DUI (1st offense).

March 16:

Suspicious person: Officer took a report of a female who possibly purchased stolen jewelry. Officer forwarded the information to detectives to determine if in fact the jewelry was stolen prior to the female buying it.

Traffic stop: Officer conducted a traffic stop for a traffic violation in Mesquite. During the investigation it was discovered the occupants were traveling with over 26 pounds of marijuana. Two individuals were taken into custody on several narcotics charges.