Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage my peers (read retired men and women) in Mesquite to check out Kula Yoga, the new studio located at 742 Pioneer Blvd.  I joined the studio in January when it opened and have been so happy with the results I have seen in my life, both physically and mentally.  There are a variety of classes for all ages and abilities, taught by a wonderful group of certified instructors who really know their stuff!  I have become a yoga enthusiast and having a beautiful, calm and welcoming studio just 10 minutes from home is a such a blessing!  Am I ever intimidated by others who may be more experienced that me? Do I ever feel discouraged at my slow progress? Nope!  I am finally at the age where I don’t have to compare myself to anyone nor do I any longer have unrealistic expectations of myself.  Instead, I chose to simply find joy being in class working on my balance, strength and focus.  If you need more convincing, simply go to and type in “benefits of yoga for seniors”.  Or read one of my favorite articles that came up from my own search…  I love the line in this article that simply states, “Yoga is the secret to aging gracefully.” I’m IN!

Like so many others retirees in Mesquite, we are from a big city (Seattle) and moved here for the weather and the relaxed lifestyle.  We love it here and although I don’t want to change the small-town vibe of Mesquite, I do want new businesses like Kula Yoga to not just survive but to thrive so that our experience here can be all the richer.   I hope you will give them a try!

I have never written a letter to the editor, but put my name to this one with confidence.

Robin Barclay


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