February 23, 1916, Littlefield: Jos H Reber and men have just returned from working on the road from here to Stephen R Linges, making a good road and putting a bridge across the Mesquite ditch, which was greatly needed as it was a bad crossing. They sure did good work (This is part old the old 91 Between the Virgin Valley High School and Littlefield)

February 25, 1915: County Clerk Woodbury has issued licenses as follows Feb. 14 W Leavitt and Amelia Bunker both of Bunkerville Nev.

One week’s news from Bunkerville: Celebrations, Deaths and Progress

February 27, 1915, Bunkerville: The last two weeks everybody in town has been fixing and making flower gardens. The one who puts forth the greater effort and makes the best-looking garden, gets a prize of an “American Beauty” Rose or some other flowering shrub from the parent’s class Judges, re Mr. Baker, J.M. Whiting and Solon Huntsman.

Ray, the infant son of Mr. J.M Whiting, died Monday and was buried the same afternoon.

Washington Leavitt and Amelia Bunker have returned from St George where they were married.

Quite a few of our young men are working on the automobile road. (Arrowhead Trail)

The Moapa quarterly conference (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church meeting) will be held next Saturday and Sunday.