Happy New Year everyone! Often times at the closing of any given year, we reminisce about events gone by, while discussing topics… such as New Year’s resolutions and how the coming year gives us all a chance to make new changes. This year however, I’d rather not look backwards, as most of us know there were many tragedies with lives lost, and while we don’t forget them, we can embrace the love shared among families, friends and even strangers. We need to remember them in a light that shines upon their souls and ours, keeping memories close at heart… but never lost.

As another New Year comes, so it begins… a fresh new outlook on life, while giving our personal goals a boost; for all those who seek it. Commonly found at the top of everyone’s list you will find Health, finances and peace for all. Then there are multiple blessings and those positive changes we all so desperately want to attain, but seldom achieve every single one of them throughout the year. I use to make up my resolutions list the week of New Year’s, however this year I did not. Instead…I wrote goals I wanted to achieve in a 3 month pattern, as well as a 6 month. They aren’t huge achievements, but nevertheless, it was something that I knew I could do, instead of writing things down that were unrealistic, because they were extremely high goals; almost like a wish list of sorts, with the highest of expectations. It’s actually like setting yourself up for a big disappointment, and then it becomes easy to throw in the towel; if you catch my drift. In the past, I’ve always been a believer of the resolutions list, but not anymore. Maybe it’s just too cliché’ and the let-down of not achieving such things isn’t worth the painstaking heartache you put yourself through. Then again the experts will tell you to always set your goals higher, but lower the expectations; really? I don’t believe that works quite like that. It’s almost like Christmas in a way. So many times the feelings that warm us inside our hearts at Christmas time can almost be childlike. The excitement begins to take over and suddenly you’re thinking of your planned holiday with family and friends, eventually leading your thoughts to personal expectations of what the gathering will be. Then the day comes…and things don’t turn out exactly like you thought, or maybe for some of you it did. The days following Christmas almost feel like the big let-down; I could actually say the same for New Year’s too.

My Christmas was nice…too short, but nice (I missed my kids terribly). New Year’s Eve was a bit of a let-down, but I’m embracing the New Year with open arms and possibilities abound. There’s no resolution list for comparison and I love it! My goals are achievable and perhaps if I exceed them, then I will be as proud as I am elated. I am looking at this New Year as a ‘fresh start’ for many things to come, and maybe…just maybe all those positive vibes will be contagious, and I promise to be less stressed about things I cannot change. Last but not least, my wish for all of you…is to make the most of your time here; laugh more and don’t take everything so seriously. May your Blessings be many, along with the Love of friends, family and neighbor’s. Peace to all.

Make your week count.