I heard about it on the news. Perhaps you did too. Dr. Ralph Northam, governor of Virginia explaining how abortions should be handled. He was not speaking about early pregnancy abortion. His topic was extremely late term abortion—deciding the fate of a new-born after its birth. The child born in his jur isdiction would be made comfortable while a group of somewhat older interested parties decide the fate of this newborn. Should its life be extinguished while still in its infancy, or allowed to join the survivors.

I think the good doctor started on the right path, but departed from it too soon. Why not wait until the infant grows to maturity before making that solomonic decision. This strategy would allow sufficient time to determine with much greater certainty whether that person would be of net benefit  to society. If  at that point it was decided that the entity was worthless, appropriate action could be taken.


Dr. Joe Kent Kerby



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