Murray and Dori Rothenberger are foster parents to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue’s Rodney, a donkey who lives quite happily on the sprawling acres of Scenic, Arizona.

The Rothenbergers also happen to be tremendously active in their community outreach volunteering at the Beaver Dam Food Bank

Putting these two interests together, the foster parents invited a couple of the pack out to the Beaver Dam Station on Friday, Jan. 18.

Mini donkey pals Pepper and Beau wooed the crowd, stopped the traffic passing by and successfully brought onlookers with offerings that would fill some shelves for the Beaver Dam Food Pantry.

The Rothbergers checked with Beaver Dam Station owner Bill Evans, who is always the “let’s go for it” guy when it comes to helping the community thrive or have fun; he didn’t hesitate to give the go ahead for the good cause and awareness it would generate.

The recipients and the community are thankful for the efforts of all and special thanks go out to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue volunteers, Scenic Satellite owner Joan Dunkle and Pepper and Beau for a great day in the sun the Rothbergers for setting wheels in motion and Bill Evans for providing the venue.

The day was a success in many ways.

The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is the nation’s largest donkey rescue with over twenty facilities nationwide. They work directly with federal, state and local agencies to provide rescue services to abused, neglected, abandoned and wild donkeys. PVDR manages one of the largest privately held herd of donkeys in the world on its main rehabilitation facility in San Angelo Texas, it’s sanctuaries in East Texas and its Satellites distributed from coast to coast and border to border.

For more information about Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue call 325-276-1662 or visit

If you are interested in learning more about adopting, sponsoring or contributing to the care of the donkeys at the local Scenic satellite and Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue please contact Joan Dunkle at 928-347-4506.