As the first semester comes to end at Beaver Dam High School, the Student Council has been incredibly busy.  The BDHS StuCo has a mission to create a sense of community for its students and the valley has a whole.

They accomplish this by sponsoring events and decorating the school to provide a colorful backdrop to the academic mission.

The Halloween Carnival was both a great success and a provided information to improve for next year.  Then, just before Thanksgiving, they sponsored the Great Turkey Bowl Assembly in which the grand prizes included the slightly battered poultry.  Dances and assemblies are only part of what they do.

BDHS StuCo has taken hall decoration to the level of art, and thanks to Star Nursery, a Holiday tree was donated and decorated. During the same month, BDHS also sponsored its first Red Cross Blood Drive which as a great success thanks to high community involvement.

Student Council was also asked to help with the Beaver Dam Elementary Rewards day, over 100 elementary students who had accomplished goals in reading, character, and hard work, got to spend a day doing fun activities with their teachers and StuCo members.

The valley communities have reason to be proud of their student council as the lead and serve.