May 10, 1909, Mesquite: Our old folks party is now a thing of the past Bunkerville and Littlefield joined us, also a few from Gunlock. A Dinner was given, followed by sport, after which a lunch preceded the dance in the evening for the honored guests. All expressed themselves as having a good time.

May 10, 1901:  Our telephone line has reached Littlefield, Arizona, so now we can say “hello” for twenty cents.

May 14, 1911, Littlefield: What might have been a serious accident was Wallace Iverson, George Granger and Clarence Leavitt going down the river from Big Bend to Mesquite while the river was up. They drove into a deep hole upsetting the wagon. Mr. Leavitt was asleep and almost thrown under it in a swift current. They had two dozen chickens with them drowning them all also losing their bedding. Better take the old road and be safe boys.

May 14,1915, Littlefield: The town will be deserted for a few days. The boys are away looking for cattle. The first crop of hay is in the stack and the grain is getting ripe.

May 15, 1910: Misses Isabell, Edith and Ethel Frehner of Littlefield are here (Mesquite) visiting relative and friends.

May 15, 1911: Born, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frehner all concerned doing nicely.