Transportation and technology are working together to help people get from point A to B safer, and faster…but over the next decade we will see a transformation of sorts. Beginning with driverless cars; I’m not a fan. I drove behind one of these vehicles not realizing it was driverless, so as it decided to make a right turn only a few feet away from the light, I had to hit the brakes; the speed limit was 45mph and most cars were flying by as if I were on a highway. I drove around the car (switching lanes) and began to feel irritated. As I took in a deep breath, I glanced over but was shocked to see no one driving the car. It was weird at first, but I guess we will get used to the idea at some point. My problem… was the fact that traffic was speeding by me so fast that I was nearly side swiped when I went to change lanes. Why are people driving so fast?? It’s not a case of 5 to 10 over the speed limit; it’s as if they’re the only ones on the road with no regards for anyone else. It’s hell on our roads today.

People rant about careless drivers every day, from distracted driving to the speed demons on our highways, there seems to be no end. There’s not a day that goes by where a pedestrian hasn’t been struck and left for dead somewhere; it’s disgusting. Just last week in Indiana…children walking toward their school bus (while it had the proper stop sign out and flashing lights, all required), an oncoming car didn’t stop and killed three children and injured another; explaining she didn’t see the bus’s flashing lights; really? It seems to me this driver didn’t pay attention to the road as well as she should have. Maybe she was driving too fast. Speeding is an ongoing problem everywhere, but in Phoenix and Las Vegas, pedestrians are struck every day, with the driver usually fleeing the scene. This is horrific, and I don’t know what the answer is; it’s clearly a sad situation.

Highways across America today have speeds posted between 45mph minimum to 65mph, with exceptions in the West, (70mph to 80) in some desert areas. The Midwest is more conservative and posts 55 – 65 mph on their highways, but not to worry … no one pays attention to the signs, it’s ludicrous. Last week, as I approached a turn in a tunnel, people drove like maniacs, swerving in and out of traffic (in a turn yet) and had to be speeding 15 to 20 over the limit. I was going about 6 mph over and people passed me as if I were standing still! They might not care about their life, but they’re not alone on the highways…there are those of us who care and would like to make it home. I’m tired of these people who speed to access, while tormenting others on our roads and thinking of none other but themselves. It feels as if there are no rules of the roads today; people are driving reckless, as if it were playing an X Box game.

Every day in which I must venture out on the road, I wonder about traffic and try to be strategic in finding the best, uncongested roadways to my destination(s). It could be an ordinary day, leaving the house for an appointment, shopping, work or any other place … when suddenly, without warning…someone else’s negligence becomes your burden, it can be life-changing; example, like the parents who lost their precious children; among all the other lives lost from negligent drivers on our highways. People need to slow down.

Two days ago, after exiting the highway I arrived at my first stop light. There was a young girl driving next to me and was applying mascara. She then pulled out a large brush, so she could powder her face. When the lights turned green, she hit the gas pedal and sped down the road, while powdering… oblivious to everything around her. We must share the roads with one another, so please be aware of your speed limit and other highway (street) postings; they are not guidelines…they are the LAW. We all want to arrive home safely at the end of the day, so ease up on that pedal. Show some courtesy on our roads, lets make it a safer place…together we can.


Make your week count.