Many Democrats are celebrating tonight and they should as America has turned toward the socialist state where we take from the people who earn and give to those who do not. The results are in and most house seats were won by those who are the takers not the producers.

What an insult where those who don’t earn anything, want to take from those who earn something by their hard work, then it is taken from them as taxes and then given to those who vote themselves more benefits. What has our country become? Must we work hard so the government can take it from me and give what I earn to others who do not work at all?

Some say we must help those in need, but why don’t they get a job? There are more jobs than people available to work, but why work when you get more money by not working from the government? For a few minutes I thought that America would remember what made our country great but I guess I was wrong.

The good news is that most of us here in Mesquite have lived at the high point of America and it may be gone as it slides back into mediocracy. Will the once shining light for the world become a dim bulb of its former self?  We have a great President who could lead the way back, but those short sighted people that just want free stuff have flipped the switch toward off.

Somehow people have not recognized the job creation and only want more free stuff. But that was predicted for all democracys that once people realize that they could vote themselves free stuff that they did not have to work for was the beginning of the end. Some thought that America was different but I guess they were wrong, will the swamp swallow all?

With the win of Donald Trump many thought that we were on a road back but it appears the swamp was stronger and had more appeal. When you think of the new people in charge you must wonder how much longer we have. Not much longer I think.

Tonight I am sad not for myself but for the children who will live with the result of the death of the American dream, but then they can get free stuff as long as someone is stupid enough to work their butt off to give it to others. The people have chosen mobs over jobs, investigations over progress, and giveaways over earning it.



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