The Judicial Committee hearing regarding confirmation of Justice Kavanagh was never about justice to the Democrats on the committee – it was about denying appointment to anyone Trump nominated that would move the court to the right. Yet the Democrats wouldn’t have paused appointing a liberal judge if they had a chance.  They would have rejoiced and told the Republicans that is the way of the new America and they just need to accept it. But since it was the Republican’s in the majority, the confirmation had to be derailed by the Democrats by any means – even at the expense of a woman whose testimony was the center of an illusion.

The hearing of Dr. Ford was still not about validating her claims. It had nothing to do with obtaining justice, it was about creating a atmosphere of negativity against Judge Kavanagh, creating a cloud of doubt that would hopefully conceal the real job of the committee and make it impossible to distinguish fact from fiction and cause chaos to the point that the Judiciary Committee or President Trump would give up and just select someone else.  They further hoped the seriousness of the salacious accusations and pain it caused the Judge and his family would cause him to withdraw from the nomination.  This appalling tactics ultimately failed thanks to a few good men and women that did not give in to the threats, the harassment, the berating, and intimidation of protesters who yelled at them in front of their homes, in restaurants, in elevators and just trying to go about their lives.

Regardless of what your politics are, or who you believed, we all should celebrate the fact that the rule of law ultimately won over that of mob rule.  Yes, it was close and the rule of law was hanging precariously with so many calls to abandon it and believe just the accuser, without any evidence.  In fact, all of those identified by Dr. Ford denied ever having attended such a gathering as Dr. Ford described.  Including her best friend Leland Keyser, who said she hadn’t ever been at a party with Brett Kavanagh and that she hadn’t ever met him!  Dr. Ford under oath in her testimony brushed this off saying oh, Leland has some medical problems and I’m happy she is getting treatment for it.  Implying that she had some mental issues she was dealing with.  In fact the medical issues Leland has are neck and back pain from her years in sports and had zero to do with implied mental issues.  In addition, Dr. Ford’s couples counseling and individual counseling were cited as corroboration of these events since they occurred in and around 2012.  However, these notes were never provided to the committee after repeated requests, She has given at least four different times when this alleged incident occurred: Late 1980’s, Mid 1980’s, early 1980’s, and then summer of 1982.  She also didn’t know where this occurred, what the gathering was for, how she got there, how she got home.  When you are 15 in the 1980’s you didn’t just use your cell phone and order an Uber or call mom.

Her testimony about being afraid to fly and being afraid of small spaces, and needing two doors was completely contradicted by her boyfriend of 6 years.  He said they flew all over Hawaii in small prop planes and she never indicated any fear of flying, they lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment with only one exit.  Finally, he personally witnessed her helping a friend, Monica McLean prepare to pass a Polygraph test for a job with the FBI.  Dr. Ford as you might recall testified under Oath that she had never coached anyone on how to pass such a test.  Her friend Monica McLean who Dr. Ford allegedly helped pass a polygraph exam, did pass and became an FBI agent.

Coincidentally, Ms. Ford was at McLean’s house when the letter starting this whole thing was written to Sen. Feinstein.  The letter named her lifelong friend Leland Keyser as a boy.  Which Doctor Ford knew was a girl being that Leland was her lifelong friend.  This certainly makes it appear that at least part of the letter was actually written by someone else at the house and not Dr. Ford at all.  According to Ms. Leland Keyser’s statements to the FBI, she received lots of pressure from Monica McLean to change her sworn testimony regarding her completely refuting Dr. Ford and stating that she hadn’t ever been at a party with Brett Kavanagh.  McLean denies this as well as being coached by Ford on how to pass a Polygraph.  Any contact McLean may have had with a witness is totally inappropriate and should be prosecuted as witness tampering.   Thank goodness that people stood up to this against the smear tactics of the left and their mob backers.

Some champions arose such as Senator Susan Collins whose speech on the floor of the senate returned sanity and logic to the chamber. Senator Lindsay Graham called some people out and exposed their hypocrisy and under handed dealings.  Senators like Mitch McConnell who would not cave and Senator Grassley who tried to give Dr. Ford every opportunity to be heard and treated her with respect and tried to make it as comfortable for Dr. Ford as possible. Even offering to do the whole session behind closed doors in California or wherever Dr. Ford would feel safe.  But the left wanted it Public in order to cast doubt on the judge so apparently her legal team never told Dr. Ford of this offer. There were other Senatorss who were accosted and verbally attacked in public or threatened, yet refused to give into the pressure or even fear as the attacks sometimes were very scary.

Senator Feinstein portrayed herself as a champion for women’s rights but a true champion would have handled the Christine Blasey Ford accusation entirely differently. They would have afforded her the courtesy of privacy, so her claims could be methodically investigated and heard behind closed doors during the confirmation process. The mater should have handled early and discreetly and not allow Dr. Ford’s name to get out or to be used by those pretending to be her supporters.

Some strange things have come up with the investigation – why was a polygraph given months before the hearing, and who paid for it, could it be that someone was evaluating Dr. Ford’s claims and was worried that they would not hold up in an investigation? If someone was interested in delaying the process this would be a good strategy. What about the old boyfriend who said he witnessed Dr. Ford preparing someone for a polygraph exam? And of course there were no corroboration of any of her story. Funny she never spoke up before..

Think of the innocent bystanders caught-up in this national disgrace such as Mrs. Kavanagh and her two young daughters.  They are truly among the victims and who stands up for them? Those people making outrages claims should be responsible to them. Yet they get away with saying anything, total fabrications, anything goes and you do not have to be responsible to anyone. Sad!

So is the Democratic Party a champion for women?  No, just those who fit into their political narrative and can serve their political purposes, which is to gather additional power for their leaders. They are trying to block the will of the people who elected a Presidential who promised to make changes with appointments. The Democratic Party clearly crossed some lines of conduct both ethical and those of civility in their actions. The party has become the party of self-defined victimhood. A party for all who feel they are victims, regardless of the facts.

A true supporter of women and minorities would be celebrating the historic low unemployment of those groups and our growing economy. They would be working to help America grow even faster and correct some of those things that are still holding those women and minorities back. Instead they want to return to the ways of more government dependence, more regulations, higher taxes and less American jobs. Support them at your peril.