August 17, 1916: The cement work on the new school building (in Bunkerville) is almost finished.

August 17, 1916: A.D. Leavitt went to find a market for his pigs and returned last night.

August 18, 1917: Nineteen new names are added to Clark County’s Roll of Honor. Second list is certified by the board as physically fit and not claiming exemption, among those names Howard Pulsipher of Mesquite NV.

August 20, 1908: James S Abbott, one of the enterprising farmers, raised 33 bushels of wheat to the acre this year, without irrigation, this being more than  any other farmer raised with irrigation.

 August 20, 1908: There is a fine crop of seedless raisins this year at the farm. They expect 100 tons of cured raisins.

August 20, 1917: Mrs.  Nels Leavitt and children of Bunkerville, NV, are here visiting at the home of her father, Isaac Burgess.

August 20, 1922: Professor Scott of the University of Nevada accompanied John Wittwer our county agent on a visit to our town last week. They came in the interest of the poultry and dairying industries and gave splendid suggestions to the farmers of these towns.