Debra Beatty_1Once you have decided what kind of financial protection you want, you can go to the internet and use a template from one of the web sites and/or you can contact a local Attorney of your choice and have your legal documents written. Before you have them written think about what you want done with your assets in the event you become ill and/or when you die. Explore the information on the internet. This will help you to become informed and it will prepare you for when you write your final wishes down on paper. If you are married it will protect your spouse. If you are single it will clarify what your intentions are.

Do you share your life with a pet? Is that pet’s future taken care of in the event you are absent from home for any reason? Your pet must be protected. Beloved pets require food and shelter. If plans are not made for your pet, it could end up in the shelter.

The kind of protection can vary. Are you setting up a charity? If you are, make sure you name which charity you want to receive a gift and the amount of the financial gift and how often. Are you setting up a trust to protect the future of perhaps your grandchildren? You must be clear on what you are doing with your assets.

Another reason to have your wishes written: In the event you become ill and cannot speak for yourself. Is the illness long term and/or is the illness short term where you will recover and resume your normal life? For that matter you do not have to be a senior citizen to have a trust and/or Will written. Young families require protection in the event one of the parents becomes absent due to illness and/or death.

People work hard for their money. Often they have saved years to buy a home. Once you have purchased that home, protect it. There is a wealth of information on the internet. Read about Homestead. Learn how to Homestead your home. More importantly read and know why you would do this. There is information at your fingertips, on the computer.

Protect your assets