Hate is a terrible thing and it has become pervasive in our society.  Everywhere some are showing hate for our President through words and even actions. Elected representatives of the people are calling for violence against people who are working for the American people in government. Most of us have never seen such actions in our lifetimes, yet today it is everywhere.

This extreme hatred seems crazy as our country is on an upward trajectory. Everywhere are signs by businesses looking for help and the economy is booming. It is true, that the people elected someone different than the usual politician but look at the results. Lowest unemployment in years, more Hispanic and black Americans employed, what do people want, a return to more unemployment and a downward economy?

We should be counting our blessings instead of spreading hate. Somehow many Americans are now promoting socialism yet they have no idea of what it brings. Anyone should look at the countries where it has been tried to see the outright failure of that system. When you look at our capitalistic system you see people living well and those who are willing to work for it, getting rich.

Some still want a piece of the pie but do not want to work for it (Socialism, you earn it and then we share). Free college for all, as if we need more elitists and fewer craftsmen. Colleges that teach subjects that have little value but seem special. Free medical care for all, haven’t they looked at countries that provide that? Long waiting lines and usually poor care, much like our government run Veteran’s care facilities.

Some politicians have great slogans but not many follow through. Here is one that seems made for Trump; “Promises made Promises kept”. When he asked minority voters “What do you have to lose?”  What has happened, more jobs, more opportunities and more money, that is if you are willing to work for it? How about the Jewish people, their embassy now moved to Jerusalem and good relations restored.  More NATO countries are now living up to their financial commitments. Now we seem to have a good chance to reduce threats from North Korea.

Telling Europe that trade must be fair and equal and getting some major concession. Now renegotiating NAFTA so our goods can be sold fairly, not with special taxes which are not called tariffs but have exactly the same result that our products become more expensive where they get tax free on their products.

Everywhere we see progress and yet some are still tied up in dreams of impeachment. There are complaints even about meeting with the next biggest nuclear arms possessor in the world, in an attempt to reduce tensions. Having meetings seem better instead of trading insults and maybe worse. Government is now being run more like a business than a welfare state for those on the inside and paid for by the working folks on the outside.

Complaints about the treatment of women, minorities and gays, yet his appointments are full of those people. Complaints about just about everything our President does and not one compliment about anything. Makes you wonder why anyone would want to run for public office today. Why would someone give up a billionaire’s lifestyle to serve the people?  The good news is there are still some left who are much like our founding fathers. People who want to give back instead of just taking, but after seeing how he and his family are treated, they are slowly being driven away from wanting to serve. When the haters drive them all away, what will become of our country?


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