Lance Barr was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he lived until he graduated from high school in 1966. He enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 18 for a six-year obligation.

Being an artist was not the focal point of Barr’s life growing up.  He did enjoy watching his mother oil paint.  He remembers that she was very good at it. Barr and his three younger brothers have kept her works of art as part of her legacy and they are displayed with pride.

Barr has always appreciated wandering through art galleries and has collected numerous works of art over the years.  He always thought you could see the soul of an artist through their art.

Barr’s career path never afforded him the opportunity to pursue his appreciation for art, as far as picking up a brush and learning it on his own. Being in law enforcement for 35 years, with 13 years as an officer with the Mesquite Police Department, coupled with a military career of nearly 30 years, both Active and Reserve with numerous deployments, has kept Lance from being able to indulge his passion for art.

Barr retired from the military in 2007 and from law enforcement in 2011, leaving him more time for artistic endeavors.  In 2013, Barr decided it was time to roll up his sleeves, get his hands dirty and learn what it really takes to be an artist.  He started reading about the masters and the different styles and mediums out there in the world of art.

That same year, Lance visited the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery, like he had done many times in the past. This time was different, as he discovered all the types of classes that the gallery offered. Barr chose to sign up for Bunny Wiseman’s drawing class and has been there ever since. Wiseman is so patient with her students that it made learning easier for him.

Barr and his wife, Sue, have attended many art auctions over the years and have had the opportunity to meet and have some spirited conversations with some of the world famous artists over the years:  Peter Max, Marko Mavrovich, Marcus Glenn, Alfred “Alex” Goeckel, Csaba Markus and Dominick Pangborn, along with new up-and-comers, Chris DeRubeis and Michael Romero.  Having the chance to speak with them, hearing the stories of how life influenced them and how they developed their own style, is truly amazing. Watching these artists work is absolutely breathtaking.

Barr is totally immersed in the local art scene here in Mesquite, and with his wife’s full support, continues to master his own style. Sue has become involved in his pursuit by framing all of his art work. Barr has said many times that it is a blessing living in a small city surrounded by so many great artists, and, with its own gallery filled with beautiful local works of art.