No more ICE is the cry from the left. So let’s not send any illegals back from where they came from. Let them overwhelm our schools, social systems and our medical facilities. They come from south of the border and have almost no skills so they need to be fully supported. Many of these people wave their home countries flag and really don’t want to be Americans, they want to change America into something like where they lived.

Today, most of these people come from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, countries currently poorly run and riddled with crime. When they come to a port of entry and they claim that they are seeking asylum, they are not arrested, they are just processed, let go with their children into America and given a court date which they usually don’t bother to show for. Those that come through holes in our border security, when caught, are arrested and confined. Some come with children which they claim are theirs but that is questionable. Some say we are obligated to accept everybody, but crime or poor government is not a reason to grant asylum. It is a reason to stay and work to clean things up.

Yes, people feel sorry for some of these people but coming here to take advantage of our country’s resources and living off other people’s work is not right. They know that if they cross the border they get free food, housing and medical. In their home country they have to work for those things. Here they don’t have to work and they usually don’t. This is far different than the migrant worker who worked in the fields and sent the money home and then went back to his family or the person who works and intend to live here and start a new life.

Our forefathers had things rough and worked hard to build a better life for their children. From rebellion against the British to winning the west things were tough. The great depression and the wars, all tried our soul but the people overcame obstacles and made America great and now many want to join the party without paying admission.

The builders of our country did not work to support other people’s children unless they were neighbors, fellow church members or somehow related. Yet we are very generous people, we help all over the world more than any other country does. But that generosity is our decision. These illegals are stealing our money and resources without our invitation. Some say it is our duty to help, but if someone wants to help, those people should give the immigrants their money and their time. Those people who want to support other causes or just their own families should have the right to say where their money goes.

Saying that we have always welcomed people is true but in limited numbers, too many overwhelm local abilities to assimilate newcomers into the community. Sometimes that takes time and work but it is far better than immigrants setting up their own community’s and legal system.

Anyone who comes to this country should have a sponsor who guarantees that that person will not become a burden on the state and that’s where our American liberals should stand up and be counted. No sponsor no ticket. Then the liberals can have a cause and instead of demonstrating against a force that is protecting us they can show their generosity and help people.