Some calls that Mesquite Fire and Rescue receives are not always included in the report, as a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our Fire and Rescue workers do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 64 calls this week:

Abdominal pain 3

Agency assistance 1

Allergies 3

Breathing 3

Chest pain 1

Convulsions 2

Diabetic 4

Falls 17

Fire 2

MVA w/Injury 1

Odor investigation 1

Overdose 2

Patient transport 15

Sick person 5

Stroke (CVA) 2

Unconscious 1

Unknown problem 1

May 27:

Stroke (CVA): Rescue 11 responded into Arizona under Automatic Mutual Aid for a possible Stroke patient. Rescue 11 assisted Beaver Dam transporting one patient to the local hospital.

May 29:

Chest Pain:  Rescue 11 and 33 responded to the Virgin River Casino for a patient complaining of chest pain. Patient was transported to a local hospital.

May 30:

Agency Assist: Rescue 11 responded to a domestic dispute with Mesquite Police Department. 2 persons were evaluated and refused transport to any hospital.

May 31:

Patient Transport:  Rescue 11 responded to Mesa View ER for a Critical Care Transport (CCT). A patient was transported to a hospital in St George, Utah.

June 1:

Convulsions:  Rescue 11 and Bunkerville Rescue 71 responded to a person in seizure. Rescue 11 transported one to the local hospital. (Incident occurred while units still on scene at structure fire.)

Fire:  Engine 31, Rescue 31, Chief 1, Bunkerville Engine 71, Water Tender 71, Rescue 71, Overton Engine 74, and Beaver Dam Water Tender 31, responded to the area of State Route 170 milemarker 2 for a report of a structure fire. Units arrived to find 3 small, vacant residential structures fully involved with fire. Roofs had collapsed on all 3 structures and fire was treated as a defensive fire. Cause is

under investigation. Despite occurring far from what would ordinarily be considered Mesquite, this fire was in the City limits of Mesquite near State Route 170 and the Riverside Bridge.

June 2:

Odor Investigation:  Truck 11 and Rescue 31 responded for an order investigation. No abnormal findings. All units cleared from incident.6/2/2018 7:07:24PM Falls Rescue 31 responded for a person that fell. Patient refused transport and signed out against medical advice.