I am a fifth grade teacher at J. L. Bowler Elementary School in Bunkerville.  I am writing to express my appreciation for some of the amazing volunteers who have helped our students. Volunteers are critical to the success of two of our important programs, Give Me Liberty and We the People.

Diane McClure is in charge of the Give Me Liberty program and she does a fantastic job of organizing the program and the volunteers’ schedules.  We are so grateful for Diane and her hard work and dedication.  Other regular Give Me Liberty volunteers this year were Mayo and Gayle Vitela, Patsy Junker, Carol Fuller, and Rebecca Hartley.  Our students get to know these adults and enjoy working with them.

Give Me Liberty is a supplemental and optional program sponsored by the Exchange Club.  The Exchange Club prints and provides Give Me Liberty books to the students each year, sponsors several parties that students earn the right to attend by passing off different parts of the books, and provides trophies.  But the most important part they provide is coordinating volunteers to come and help with the program.  Almost every Thursday afternoon for about 30-40 minutes different volunteers come to help the students work on memorizing and passing off things in the books–the Gettysburg Address, the 50 states and capitals, and many other important facts, quotations, and patriotic songs.

We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution is a curriculum, a program of study from a text published by the Center for Civic Education. The culminating activity is a simulated congressional hearing.  Serving as judges for our We the People hearing this year were:  Adam Anderson, Patsy Junker, Darrell Ness, JoAnne Ness, Wally McClure, Diane McClure, Sharon Wakefield, Ivona Magoon, Merlin Hafen, Judge Darryll Dodenbier, Pat Anderson, Janell Jensen, Karl Gustaveson, Dennis Lee, Judge Ryan Toone, Kathy Graves, Mark Weinrich, Robert Gardner, Nancy Burton, and Janet Mikkelsen.

These people are wonderful examples of civic virtue and love of country for our students. Thank you!   You are heroes to us!


Mrs. Lucy Weinrich, fifth grade teacher