In Nevada, the constable fills the duty of serving legal notices in civil matters. For many, that means the constable is the face delivering an eviction notice.

Constable Duane Thurston has never left an evicted family on the street without somewhere to go. Even after ignoring warnings to move out, he generously helps evicted residents move heavy furniture and arrange for a temporary roof over their heads. He’s even gone as far as paying out of his own pocket for a hotel for an evicted family who was unable to pay their rent. In their most desperate times, Constable Thurston chooses to show compassion and kindness.

Constable Thurston has honorably served the citizens of Mesquite with integrity for over 20 years. I offer my unreserved endorsement of Duane Thurston for Mesquite Constable. He deserves your vote this primary election.

– David West, Mesquite