March 21, 1922, Littlefield, AZ:  James Jolley returned Friday from St. Thomas, NV and left Sunday morning for Littlefield, AZ to herd sheep.

March 25, 1987: Edition #1 of the Virgin Valley View.  The Virgin Valley View will be a weekly publication serving Beaver Dam, Mesquite, Littlefield, Bunkerville, and Wind acres.

March 25, 1987, Beaver Dam, AZ:  Bill Evans is adding to his store (The Beaver Dam Station).  Construction to be completed some time next month.  Included in the addition is a 3200 square foot freezer.  Bill says it is the biggest one in the area next to the packing house.

March 28, 1993:  In 1984 the town of approximately 1,100 citizens incorporated into a city and began blazing a new trail of progress.  Since then, Mesquite has more than doubled its population (2,500), and many new improvements and structures have been added to the community.  Last year’s (1992) total permits of 137 were exactly 100 more than what was issued in 1984, representing an increase of 270 percent.

 March 31, 1900, Bunkerville, NV:  On the way home from the picnic party, what might have been a serious accident occurred: Levi Hancock was racing with team and wagon against some boys on horseback, when the wagon tongue dropped, ran into the ground, and completely upset the wagon, breaking the tongue and axle; Levi escaped with slight injuries.