THANK YOU MESQUITE!!  – For the honor of being named Grand Marshall for the 2018 Mesquite Days Parade. 

True success is seldom achieved by one person alone.  Whatever success I have achieved in life is due to contributions from many people – my family and friends, the organizations I have worked with and volunteered for over the years, my associate in our Project GET SMART initiative, the teachers and administrators in the public schools in our two valleys including Beaver Dam, our casinos and other supporting local businesses, my ‘GO’ team (Growing Older team), and especially my many community acquaintances – Yes! YOU! Thank you! Thank you all!

Together we have come a long way toward “Empowering our Youth” and I will continue to support these efforts within our community.  I am very proud to be a part of a community that “hugs” friendships and rewards success.