April 27, 1916: Chas Lindsey representing Motor West magazine commended J S Abbott at Bunkerville for getting autos across the river in good shape and says his charges are very reasonable.Mr Lindsey was on his way to Salt Lake City from Los Angeles on  Arrowhead Trail.

April 27, 1922: Bunkerville, School closed yesterday. Thursday night the graduating exercises were held. There were six graduates this year Herman Mokler, Vincent Leavitt, Iris Waite, Alice Barlow, Vera Wittwer and Elizabeth Leavitt. Miss Leavitt graduated in three years.

April 28, 1908: It is rumored around town that J W Sylvester will give a wedding dance Friday night.

April 29, 1922: Myron Abbott and Miss Colby one of the grade teachers from Mendon UT were married at Las Vegas on the 26th.

May 2,191: Word came last night that George Bunker and family of Mexico were at Moapa coming on a visit, so Milton Earl left early this morning after them. It has been nine years this spring since George and his family left and all his family and friends will give him a hearty welcome back.

May 2,1917: Con and Louis Adams are visiting Washington County from Bunkerville on business.