September 2, 1916: Bunkerville: Men and boys have been working on the auto road and have it almost complete to the Arizona line. Mr. Kelly the principal of our school and his wife arrived here last Saturday. Harmon Wittwer went to Santa Clara to see his little girls.

September 2, 1920: Karl Fordham of Santa Clara intends leaving for Bunkerville Nv today. He has been engaged to supervise music in the Mesquite and Bunkerville schools.

September 3, 1908: On the morning of the first a flood, larger than ever has been known for years came down the the Virgin River carrying with it timbers of all sizes, gates, lots of debri,in consequence we will be without water for at least a month. The dam and the whole head of the ditch (irrigation) has gone.

September 4, 1915: J.N. Hunt of Bunkerville has gone to Las Vegas until Labor Day.

September 4, 1922: Mrs. Hubert Leavitt of Mesquite NV is here (Washington UT) visiting her mother Mrs. J.S.P. Bowler.

September 6, 1915: Littlefield, the young ladies of town are organizing a basketball team and hope to be able to play neighboring towns in the near future.