Mesquite Fire Rescue wishes to announce that FF/CCT Paramedic Jayson Andrus has been promoted to the newly created Administrative Captain position. Police Chief/Fire Administrator Troy Tanner proudly pinned Captain Andrus after he was officially sworn to duty during the pinning ceremony Monday morning at Fire Station 3.

Captain Jayson Andrus has been with Mesquite Fire Rescue for nearly 10 years, where he was instrumental in pioneering the creation of Critical Care Paramedic services within the City of Mesquite. Jayson was selected from a group of very experienced and qualified individuals who had also tested for this new position.

The new position of Administrative Captain was specifically created by Chief Troy Tanner for the much needed purpose of assisting Deputy Chief Richard Resnick with the administrative responsibilities of running a Fire Department. With this new position, the City of Mesquite will more effectively and efficiently provide for Fire and Emergency Services for its citizens and many visitors.


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