Mar. 1, 1908: The County (Lincoln) has appropriated $40 to be spent on Bunkerville roads and the men are out today hauling gravel, cutting away brush, scraping and shoveling up our streets.

Mar. 4, 1910: A ten pound baby boy has arrived at the home of Harmon Tobler. Mother and babe are doing fine. Hulda Graff, sister of Mrs. Tobler is here with her.

Mar. 5, 1908: Franklin Leavitt of this place has sold his home to Orange Leavitt, for 75 acres in Mesquite. In two weeks the raisin farm will have 50 acres of vines trimmed and expect one -fourth of a crop this fall, which will pay for the tending of vines and 5000 trays. There is about $11,000 of paid up capital. The vines look fine. It is two years since the roots went in.

Mar. 6, 1912: Mr. and Mrs. George hunt have gone to St George the latter to be operated on for appendicitis. Miss Mabel Leavitt accompanied them.

Mar. 6, 1912: Orange and Joe Earl have gone to Gold Butte (the mining town) to work.

March 6, 1914: Yesterday was MIA (Mutual Improvement Association) day. Overton won in contest for singing: Bunkerville in the story telling for boys, Mesquite in storytelling for girls. Bunkerville won in the races at the sports in the afternoon. Bunkerville won the girls basketball against the Mesquite girls.