Criminal Justice 104- Intro to American Justice is designed to introduce students to the American criminal justice system. This includes the development and components of the system, in addition to the procedures that ensure due process. This course is the foundation of the formal study of criminal justice and satisfies the Social Science or Humanities section of many degrees.

Math 95 – Elementary Algebra is a course in the fundamental operations of real numbers, solving linear equations in one variable, graphing linear equations in two variables, solving linear systems in two variables, and performing basic operations on polynomials. Prerequisite: MATH 093 or 116 with a grade of C or better; or a satisfactory ACT/SAT/Placement Test score. Once successfully completed students may enroll in Math 96 or 120.

These courses will be offered at the CSN Mesquite campus during the Spring 2018 semester beginning January 16th. For details on all course offerings please call our office at 702-346-2485 or stop by the campus located at 140 N. Yucca St.