Television and movie theatres lighten the hearts of many, usually because we find enjoyment, and… or fascination in what we watch. Sometimes we have that one particular show we wait for all week, giving us a chance to escape from our own realities… even if it is for a brief time; and most of us do. Some people enjoy watching with their significant other, while others might enjoy viewing with friends, but what happens when they start talking in the middle of your show (or movie)? Oh my, it gets a little annoying at times… don’t you think?

I confess, I’ve done this around my family and I can sincerely tell you that they will ‘shush me first, and then tell me to be “quiet… and after 2 or 3 times, then they tell me to shut up!” So I am learning not to be a ‘talker’ during movies; now I’m the person that is completely being driven insane by those people that talk during movies, shows… whatever. In fact, my fathers’ nickname was ‘Gabby’ during his working years, so you can imagine what a talker he is. I can honestly say that I know… no one else who talks so much about nothing at times; similar to a character like Seinfeld, but he was definitely funny. It’s not that bad, but I must admit when it comes to watching some of my favorite television shows, it feels like a challenge. I feel frustrated, sometimes turning it off. Now at a movie theatre, I cannot stand it when people continue to talk to each other through the whole thing; what’s worse is cell phones and you know they are using them, the light gives it away. Sometimes I think they need security to check through the doors during the show… I’m sure they would find those cell phone abusers, which really are annoying.

So how can you help stop these repeated offenders… the “Talker;” by letting them know verbally… I find it to be the most effective. People do not like confrontation with others in public places, especially if there is an opposite type of personality conflict, it just fuels a fire. And as for the ‘shushers’ I don’t believe that it always works, and being more direct does. No matter how you look at it, it is just plain rude to talk during movies or shows, while others paid to engage their viewing at a higher level than watching it from the couch in their home…. It’s all about enjoyment. With technology once again, it changes the world, along with perspectives. Most people that have it …take it everywhere with them, so why wouldn’t they have it and be using it at the same time, or anytime for that matter? Movie Theatres, Live Plays, Sports Games and Competitions… right into our living rooms, even bedrooms. People talk during anything these days, while some click away… texting. Texting is just another form of talking… but digitally.

We can’t change the world, but we can keep trying, same goes for those ‘talkers. As someone just sat next to me and is talking away; I am staring at my screen, typing at a faster speed. It is clear I am busy, and refuse to look over. A little weird, since I’m writing about the very thing that is now, unexpectedly happening. So I will come to a close. I hope you let others know when it happens to you. Again, from experience… verbal works better than a ‘shush.’ With that being said, the talking next to me… suddenly stopped, and walked away. Be good to one another, we can make the world a nicer place. Smile.

Make your week count.