Feb. 22, 190:  Milo Adams has been walking for the last week with on crutches, a log having fallen on his foot and smashed it.

Feb. 22, 1917: Misses Evelyn and Vera Reber came home to spend Saturday and Sunday from Bunkerville.  Miss Julia Reber of Mesquite is here working for Mrs. Alfred Frehner.

Feb. 22, 1923: We have had an epidemic of the flu here for the past two weeks many of our people are ill but none serious

People are busy making gardens.

Feb. 23, 1916:  Jos H Reber have just returned from making the road from here to Stephen Linges, making a good road and putting a bridge over the Mesquite ditch, which was greatly needed as it was a very bad crossing. They sure did good work.

Feb. 25, 1922: The boys’ basketball and the girls volley ball team left for Bunkerville to play a series of games with their northern neighbors. They traveled by means of one of the county trucks and anticipated a fine trip.