Lisa2014_1Music is therapeutic, in fact it is even promoted at  …>Mind, Body, and Spirit; enhancing the quality of patients while healing, not to mention that it is truly a stress reliever. Choosing music you enjoy and trying even new genres of music can stir the mind into more positive thinking. I know that I use music while driving, so I can “decompress” from the outside world which leaves me feeling more relaxed and less anxious; it accelerates a much better mood, and who doesn’t want to feel happier?

Studies have shown that it can reduce your heart rate, anxieties, fears and lower blood pressure as well. It promotes smiling and gives us the sense of feeling empowerment, especially while singing as a group, it brings people together. Singing or playing instruments together increases affiliation within the group, at times encouraging us to like each other, even if you hadn’t liked the person or group before. For some more reading tips on the positive spin of music you can look up …

Recently, I was watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and guest starring was a young woman who sang “All About that Bass” … her name is Meghan Trainor. I looked her up because I enjoyed her lyrics. It was a song she wrote about her own insecurities, including the issues on weight and how her momma told her not to worry about that. I say “Hats off to Meghan!” I smile when I hear her sing it, just as I do when I hear the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. These are catchy tunes in my books! They make me smile, even if I don’t feel like it at the time… by the time I’m half way through listening to it, I am singing and swaying… singing the lyrics with them. So there clearly is some truth to engaging in feel-good music.

Okay, so last but not least… I must share a website that I really enjoyed for any mood; it is and offers lifting music, which can include songs you can submit to add to their list at crew@tuneinnotout … I strongly suggest you check it out, I think it was brilliant. In fact, it is my new ‘favorite’ on my computer for my own music enjoyment. And on that being said, I will now leave you, as I am choosing songs to listen to as I write. Have a wonderful week.

Make your week count.