New Medicare cards are coming out in June. DO NOT throw away any mail from the social security administration ESPECIALLY between now and December, 2018. SSA is sending out new cards to EVERY recipient of Medicare. Your number will no longer be your social security number with a letter at the end; it’s a completely different number.  Recipients will need the new card to access all their services. If you have questions contact 702-486-4320.


Remember to prevent Medicare fraud by:


  1. Protecting Your Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance ID number. Give that number only to a trusted provider.  Never give it to someone who contacts you over the phone, knocks on your door or sends an unsolicited e-mail.
  2. Detecting problems by looking over your Medicare Summary Notices and Explanation of Benefits Documents. Look for charges for items/services you did not receive, double billings, or anything not ordered by your doctor.
  3. Reporting problems by contacting the provider directly to question the charge. SMP serves Medicare beneficiaries, so if someone notices a problem with a Medicare billing, they can contact Senior Medicare Patrol at 702-486-3403.