A School choice, to be armed or not? After another shooting it always comes up, gun control. Many believe that disarming people will provide more safety.  While the other side believes a well-armed public is the best crime deterrent. The funny thing is that both have some measure of truth. But somethings are impractical and somethings undermine our freedom.

Having more people with guns and them being able to carry them, can deter some criminals or at least give a chance to victims. Places where guns are not allowed only disarm the law abiding citizen, as the criminal does not care about the sign that proclaims “Gun Free Zone.”  That is a welcoming sign for bad people.  Having armed people or guards around usually sends the criminal down the road for an easier target. That is why high value locations have armed guards.

Removing guns from a country is a very difficult task but can be accomplish as shown somewhat in Europe and Australia. Yet even in these highly controlled countries guns are still used by criminals who do not abide by the laws. Guns are always for sale on the black market even in these tightly controlled countries.

There are at least 3 types of people who use guns; the terrorist, the crime of passion and the professional criminals. The terrorist is the hardest to stop because they usually have a group of supporters who help them. These people are willing to die for their cause and the only way to stop them is to eliminate them.  A good example is those prisoners from Guantanamo Bay who are released after years and return to the battle field to fight again.

The crime of passion is usually a one-time event that sets someone off into a crazy world of revenge. They will use any weapon of convenience. Sometimes the more pain the weapon inflicts the better. In many instances these attacks are at churches because a jilted person knows where to find the victim.  However armed parishioners could deter or at lease offer some protection.

Professional criminals are the ones that ignore laws and in fact benefit from gun restrictions. The more the average citizen is disarmed the better. This group also includes the gang members who carry and love to show their toughness with shooting someone. Regardless of the law they will always have guns and use them unless they are confronted with force and even then some will shoot it out to the death.

The progressives call for gun control and even gun confiscation, believing that without guns people will not kill people.  How ludicrous as human kind has always killed other humans for just some of the reasons above. Some believe that the police will protect and that is true if they are at the scene. However, at the scene ofmost crimes there usually only the criminals and the victims.  In many locations police have become report writers. So what to do?

Allow citizens to carry weapons across state lines after they have been trained and pass background checks. Instructors should be able to flag people who are unsuitable for gun ownership and that sticks with the person until they have a hearing. Allow school teachers and administrators to carry after the training and background check. Have a training day for teachers that all students are aware of, because they attend does not mean teachers are required to carry, but who knows who carries and those who do not. Place armed guards at schools as they do in many countries. Since automation is eliminating many jobs here are some valuable ones that will provide jobs for many qualified people. This will be a good start but taking guns away from good citizens does not provide safety, it just provides more helpless victims.