To say the single-family residential construction industry in Mesquite is starting the new year with a big bang could be the understatement of the century.

The city of Mesquite building department issued 52 permits for new single-family homes in January with a valuation of $11.319 million.

By comparison, the city issued 26 permits in January 2017 for new single-family homes valued at $5.874 million.

Overall, the city issued a whopping 153 building permits in January with a total valuation of $12.082 million. In January 2017, the city issued 102 permits valued at $7.324 million.

In a break from tradition, Pulte Homes, which builds all new homes in Sun City Mesquite, did not lead the pack of builders with only six permits taken.

LHSC Inc. led the way with 14 permits for homes in the area just east of the La Virgen de Guadalupe Catholic Church. Davis Construction took out 12 permits for new homes in the Coyote Willows subdivision on Hafen Lane. Nevada Residential Construction received 10 building permits for new homes with most located in a new subdivision on the Clark and Lincoln County line recently approved by the city council.

Construction West took out five permits for new homes and Warmington Residential Nevada Inc., took two permits. One permit each was given to Jackson Contracting, AMB Construction and Catamount Development.

The most expensive single-family home construction permit was valued at $393,276 with the least expensive permit valued at $168,588. Eighteen of the permits were valued in the high $100,000 range with the bulk of the permits, at 33, hitting in the mid-$200,000 range.

The city issued 12 residential modification permits valued at $218,238 compared to January 2017, when eight permits valued at $49,698 were issued. Of the 12 permits, eight were issued for work at the Sun Resorts RV park next to Smith’s grocery.

Four permits were taken out for commercial modification work with a total valuation of $324,146. Two of them were for work at Deep Roots Harvest marijuana dispensary on Willis Carrier Canyon Road valued at $277,286.

Those numbers were up sharply from January 2017 when only one permit for commercial modifications was issued valued at $153,410.

Both January 2018 and 2017 saw five new business permits issued by the city.

Twelve permits for block walls were issued this year compared to nine issued last year. Block wall permits are usually an indication of new home construction.

The city issued six permits in January 2017 for swimming pools. This year, only five permits were issued in that category.