Feb. 15, 1913: Miss Brunswicker, our schoolteacher from Los Angeles, has been called to her mother’s bedside that is very ill, she will leave today.

Feb. 16, 1911: The little boy of Nephi Hunt who was scalded, is improving nicely.

Milo Adams is preparing the fence around the Earl Lot, plowing and planting a garden. He is also repairing the fence around the Frank cox lot which he bought.

Feb. 17, 1912: The people of the valley are putting forth a great effort to protect their farms from the river. Many of the best farms here are in danger of being washed away with the next high water.

Work will commence Monday next on the canal which will be lowered at the head and given an annual cleaning.

Feb. 20, 1917: Mr. and Mrs. David Houston and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leavitt returned to Mesquite after visiting Gunlock.