Jan. 11, 1912: For a week past we have had the coldest weather that has been known for years. The river froze over and it has not done that for 25 years the thermometer was down to 12. The last two or three days there has been a lot of snow on the mountains.

Jan.11, 1912: A number of people a sick with grip (nasty flu that affected the respiratory system)

Jan, 111913: Coldest weather ever; the river froze over.

Jan, 14, 1910: Our teachers have been unable to get on account of the floods, school started last Monday with Knewel and Vica Leavitt as substitute teachers.

We expect the water (irrigation and drinking) to be in our town in about three weeks. There are twenty teams working each day which shows the grit of Bunkerville.

Jan. 16, 1912: Most of the men folk are building wings and breakers along the fields next to the river to protect the land from floods that come down the river.