Photo courtesy of NHP.

On Saturday morning, at approximately 6:10 a.m., Terrance Tesar-Cicci, or Terryoke as many in Mesquite knew him, lost control of his vehicle on I-15 northbound around mile marker 104, causing his 1999 Dodge Durango to roll, ejecting him from the vehicle. Due to lack of restraints and the impact of the ejection, Cicci was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The driver allowed the right side tires of the Durango to leave the right roadway edge.  The driver then over corrected to the right causing the Durango to rotate off the right roadway edge and overturn,” said Nevada Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Loy Hixson. During the preliminary investigation, there was no evidence of alcohol being a factor in the incident.


This is the cross made by Chvilicek, placed at Milemarker 104 in honor of his friend. He said he will be placing a photo on the cross of Cicci as well. Photo courtesy of Ron Chvilicek.

Cicci had just celebrated his 57th birthday last week in Las Vegas with many of his friends. He was well-known for his many characters he personified during his karaoke career, ranging from cross dressing as a woman during “Calendar Girl” or as a take out box of Chinese food in a parody called Chow Mein.11878987_940332872693874_7470862684062881616_o

As of Monday morning, Cicci’s Facebook page had been flooded with messages from friends, family and fans. One of them, Ron Chvilicek, a Mesquite Resident and businessman, had made a memorial cross for him and placed it near the scene of the accident.

I have to say that he brought a lot of people together, with singing and wonderful fashion and costumes he wore. Those that knew him he created allot of friendships between strangers. I am beside myself right now,” said Chvilicek. 

At the time of this posting, no word has been released for services.


This photo shows the tire marks where Cicci left the highway and where his vehicle, shown on the far right, finally came to rest. Photo courtesy of NHP.