Starting January of 2013 the Mobile Vet Center based in St George Utah, started providing mobile mental health care and outreach services to the Southern Utah Cities of Cedar City, Parowan, Beaver, Fillmore, Richfield, Kanab and Mesquite, NV. mvc

Bruce C. Solomon, Certified Social Worker and Mike Sherratt, Readjustment Counseling Technician (801-946-1667) travel to Mesquite every other Thursday to provide readjustment services for veterans.  Solomon  served seventeen months in Vietnam with the Marine Corps in 1968-69.  Sherratt, an Iraq veteran, does outreach to educate veterans on the availability of various benefits and how to file to claim those benefits.

You feel like you’re a garbage can full of old memories, past mistakes, and “should haves.”  You can’t get to a sound sleep most nights and when you can you’ll likely slip into fitful dreams that leave you wide-awake, sweating, and unable to remember what it was that tore you from your troubled sleep.  You don’t feel “normal”, but “normal” people drive you crazy anyway with their whining, back-biting, and general lack of respect.  The truth is that you’d just rather be alone because you already feel that way.  Coming back from a combat zone requires a difficult transition at best. This transition difficulty is not limited to only the veteran but affects everyone close to the veteran; spouses, partners, children, parents, siblings, and friends. These affects do not heal, they build walls to avoid the pain, confusion, and moral injury of war but, in doing so, keep everyone and everything away.  Time will not heal these wounds, only treatment will.

Eligibility for care is for anyone who has served in a theater of active American combat operations from the Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terrorism.  We also see veterans who have suffered military-related trauma such as military sexual trauma, been a prisoner of war, or suffered an amputation or crippling injury as a result of military service.   There are also services available for bereavement care to the families of service members who were killed in action.  More specific eligibility information can be found at or in one of the brochures that we are placing around the cities.  If you see the Mobile Vet Center van, please stop by and talk with Mike or if you would like to schedule an appointment please call 801-946-1667.