Showgirls Linda Gault, Jean Watkins and Joni Peterson lit up the room with their costumes and smiles. Photo by Linda Faas

Mesquite’s nonprofits shared in the holiday cheer as the Eureka Casino hosted its annual Pasta Garden Vendor Village on December 5.  Town Square Buffet gave 25 per cent of its buffet receipts for the evening to sixteen participating organizations.

Diners were encouraged to visit each of the festive tables decorated by the groups.  Each group offered information about their cause and raffled and sold items to augment their fundraising.

Jon and Maury Putnam helped MCEF raise scholarship funds for VVHS. Photo by Linda Faas

“This is a wonderful way for people to meet us and find out about what we do,” said Jean Watkins of the Mesquite Showgirls.  She and her group of volunteers are fixtures at Mesquite events where they help greet guests, sell raffle tickets, and create a joyful atmosphere for all.

Their seemingly endless array of costumes are always the talk of the hour, as the Showgirls support dozens of charity, community and business events during the year.

Maury and Jon Putnam with the Mesquite Community Education

Joyce Dalton and Mary Nelson raffled a beautiful gift Basket to benefit Ms Senior Mesquite Pageant. Photo by Linda Faas

Foundation handed out flyers and explained MCEF fundraising efforts for Virgin Valley High School seniors who need  assistance with college and trade school tuition.   “We were happy to meet so many people.  We are a new organization, and we want people to know how they can join with us to provide scholarships for our graduates who need help the most.

Kathy Bussman sold cookies and sweets to raise money for Kids for Sports. Photo by Linda Faas

Kathy Bussman and Nancy Hewitt offered their luscious homemade cookies and sweets for sale at the of Sports for Kids table.   They raise money to assist kids who need help to participate in soccer and other sports.  These two seize every opportunity to promote their cause, and enjoy being a part of the annual holiday fundraiser at the Eureka.

Every group was pleased that the Eureka provided space for them and shared its buffet profits for the evening.  Gerri Chasko, Director of Eureka Community Initiative, commented, “We are so glad to see so many charities participate!  This is a success for all and a happy way to make a difference for our neighbors during the holidays.”