Berry Myers’ world famous Tuff-n-Uff, held the 13th installment of Mayhem in Mesquite, the future stars of MMA, series at the Casablanca Event Tent on Saturday, Dec. 2. Tickets for Mayhem in Mesquite were priced at only $13 for the occasion and sponsored by One Nevada Credit Union.

MMA is a full-contact, combat sport that allows both striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. While most people know and watch MMA by way of the professional UFC fights, The Tuff-n-Uff series brings the best from the amateur fighting world to the public’s eyes.

Eighteen of the brightest future stars of MMA and the UFC were on the ticket for the fight with the Main Card being a Lightweight title fight between 26-year-old Rocky Cantu, fighting out of Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and 26-year-old Kaecy Raddon who fights out of Ludwig Martial Arts in Denver. The fight for the title was held in three, three minute rounds.

Raddon was statistically the better fighter coming into the battle with a record of 9 wins, 1 loss and zero draws against Cantu whose record was 5 wins, 4 losses and zero draws. In the last five fights, Raddon had a 5 for 5 record while Cantu’s record was 3 and 2.

Raddon was quoted in an interview before the fight, “I think Cantu is a wrestler so I’m going to use my wrestling experience to defend the take down and use my striking to take his soul and make him not want to fight anymore.” It may have been a great strategy coming into and may even have carried him through all three rounds but it wasn’t quite enough to ensure his win.

At the end of the nine minute fight the judges announced that Rocky Cantu had defeated Raddon by unanimous decision.

The rest of the ticket included:

Brandon “Ranch Dressing” Manoff, in his debut fight out of Syndicate MMA, Las Vegas beat John Varela in his debut fight by unanimous decision. Varela trains at Fusion MMA out of St. George, Utah.

Keith Hale, an independent fighter from Las Vegas beat Miguel Quintero, by a TKO, in his debut fight. Quintero trains at The Guild in Rosemead, California.

Tre Early, Fusion MMA, St. George, Utah, in his debut fight beat Max Riles who fights out of Loyalty BJJ and the University of Grappling in Elko by a TKO.

Dylan Sprague, LV Krav Maga, Las Vegas, in his debut fight beat Kelsey Skillman by unanimous decision. Skillman fights out of KOA in Layton, Utah.

Anthony Womack, Southern Empire MMA, from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, beat Zach Holbrook, an independent from Las Vegas with a TKO.

Hector Lopez, fighting out of KOA in Layton, Utah, beat Avion Dixon, an independent from Las Vegas by TKO.

Rodney Pampersad who fights out of Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas beat Vance Elrod, who fights for Hybrid Athletics in Las Vegas, by unanimous decision.

Bonnie Stoehr from Next Level Combat in St. Paul, Minnesota, beat Bridgette Nielson, who fights out of Wasatch Combat Club in Orem, Utah, by unanimous decision.

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