On Saturday the 25th on November the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts delivered food from the canned food drive and delivered it to the Salvation Army to feed families In need. Below is information I received from the Boy Scout spokesperson:

Since 1988, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have collected more than 10,300,000 lbs. or 214 semi-trailers full of food in Southern Nevada to help feed hungry families in our communities.  In our valley the Cub Scouts pass out the donation bags and the Boy Scouts collect the donations and deliver the food to the Salvation Army.  This annual event provides an excellent opportunity for our scouts to put the scout slogan into action by doing a good turn daily.  They learn the value of service and enjoy delivering the donations to the Salvation Army.  Our scouts are grateful for the generous support of the community.  Without great support, this successful annual event would not be possible.

The girl scouts also participated in the tedious job of sorting the food by dates. This was very hard work that lasted about 7 hours.

Here is a quote from me if you want to use it: “In all my years of Human Services I have never witnessed an entire community coming together as one to help those in need. It was humbling to see and I am grateful to have had the privilege to see such kindness and compassion”.